June 2011


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campbell_zoo: (Default)
Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 09:19 am
I had hoped to be able to write something truly memorable for my first blog post, with just the right amount of wit and humour that it would never be forgotten. However, I spent four hours mowing and raking the lawn yesterday, so I'm in agony. Ah, the joys of spring and living in the country; after months of sitting on my arse watching snow falling outside my windows, my muscles are paying the price!
The Campbell Zoo is the result of the blending of two little families seven years ago. I'm Lori, and my sister refers to me as the head zookeeper. My husband is Rob; he's the pipe major. Between us we have five children: Jordan, MohawkBoy, Brat, Ceiliegh and VampireGirl (she chose it, she likes vampires!) We also have two dogs, three cats and a mouse named Houdini who lives in the kitchen and always manages to escape!
We live on a small hobby farm in rural Nova Scotia, in a very old and haunted house. Our farm doesn't really DO anything yet; someone decided she was going to return to university last year, so we haven't put any livestock on the property yet. It's a beautiful setting, with a pond, a creek and fields. One day there will be sheep, and chickens and horses, but for now there are rodents, and pets and a couple of acres of lawn to mow and rake.
Three years ago Rob came home from work in Abbotsford, BC and proposed that we move from our nice little house in Aldergrove, BC all the way to the wilds of Nova Scotia. We looked at real estate online and got the brilliant idea to buy an old Victorian farmhouse and four acres of property (and may just interject that the woman who arranged our mortgage for us, in BC, couldn't stop giggling at the price we paid!). We had nine weeks to pack our little house up and move 5,997 kilometers to our new home.